Cosmic Tarot

Minor Arcana


  • Ace of Wands
    Dignified: A wand sends out its energy as a symbol of the element fire in its original form. Meaning: origin, beginning, source, birth, creativity, blind power, inheritance, identity, self-realization.
  • Two of Wands
    Dignified: dominion, superiority, authority, success by understanding the opposites, hesitation, contradictory events, sadness.
  • Three of Wands
    Dignified: virtue, growth, success through self-confidence, dreams become true, manifested will, activity, joy of discovering, prevention of confrontations.
  • Four of Wands
    Dignified: completion, rise, clarification, peace , joy of life, fiery love, guilelessness.
  • Five of Wands
    Dignified: strife, confrontation, argument, support, concentrated energy push, blockade, dilution of efforts.
  • Six of Wands
    Dignified: victory, forces in balance, success, hope, good news, anxiety.
  • Seven of Wands
    Dignified: valor, action without planning, negotiation, contest, strife for success, courage, worry, agitation, perplexity.
  • Eight of Wands
    Dignified: swiftness, movement, activity, enthusiasm, new solutions, haste, serious problems, doubt, remorse.
  • Nine of Wands
    Dignified: strength, self-determination, revealed passions, new self-confidence, tense times, delay.
  • Ten of Wands
    Dignified: oppression, last effort, stubbornness, burden, intrigue, difficulties, link between strong oppositions, fulfilling of great wishes, new standard of life.
  • Princess of Wands
    Dignified: spontaneous, energetic, willing to accept risks, impulsive, passionate both in love and anger, superficial, disloyal, unstable, cruel.
  • Prince of Wands
    Dignified: strong, righteous, noble, humorous, impulsive, friendly, proud, committed, romantic, pretentious, intolerant, judges with prejudice.
  • Queen of Wands
    Dignified: honorable, energetic, friendly, kind, strong will, impatient, stubborn, down to earth, domineering, vengeful.
  • King of Wands
    Dignified: vivid, strong will, looking for adventures, conscious of his responsibility, creative, generous, ascetic, hard, impetuous, fanatic.
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