Cosmic Tarot

Major Arcana

  • O:
    The Fool
    Dignified: Wisdom of innocence, originality, annulment of reason, frivolity, without discipline, ecstasy, delirium, madness, foolishness.
  • I:
    The Magician
    Dignified: elementary knowledge, determination, skill, juggling, initiative, agitation, disgrace, immaturity.
  • II:
    The High Priestess
    Dignified: mystery, hidden knowledge, intuition, initiation, the unconscious, mental power, silence, superstition, presumption, superficial.
  • III:
    The Empress
    Dignified: feminine wisdom, feminine power, sensuality, beauty, culture, abundance, boredom, lethargy, temptation through earthly things.
  • IV:
    The Emperor
    Dignified: masculine power, shaping of the material World, ruler ship, will, severity, stability, power and its danger, force.
  • V:
    The Hierophant
    Dignified: intellectual leadership, initiation, occult powers, secret knowledge, religion, humility, false guru, hypocrisy, theoretical knowledge, hierarchy, disbelief, distrust.
  • VI:
    The Lovers
    Dignified: union, love, blend of opposites, Tantra, understanding of the cosmic dance, harmony, discernment, decision, enticement, temptation, doubts.
  • VII:
    The Chariot
    Dignified: triumph, mental and physical balance, commitment, dynamic, examination, hard work, obstacles, failure.
  • VIII:
    Dignified: Justice through knowledge of a higher order, union of opposites, balance, virtue, kindness, dignity, fairness, law, selfishness, lack of principles, injustice, prejudice, lack of harmony, stubbornness.
  • IX:
    The Hermit
    Dignified: seclusion, solitude, wisdom, cleverness, distance, discernment, self-control, discipline, awareness, autonomy, guidelines, reliability, alienation, loneliness.
  • X:
    Wheel of Fortune
    Dignified: realization of the cosmic order, application of higher laws, dance of energies, constant changes, as above so below, turning point, search for the center, out of control, quest for power.
  • XI:
    Dignified: energy, enjoying the dance of life, strength, creative energy, mastery, wildness, transformation of energies, determination to live, striving for power, vice.
  • XII:
    The Hanged Man
    Dignified: overcoming obstacles through devotion. Changes, prudence, peace of mind, expanded consciousness, insight, sacrifice, renunciation, self-deceit, selfishness, loss.
  • XIII:
    Dignified: the end, transition, transformation, a boundary was reached, giving up the existing, time elapses, separation, release, settlement, stagnation, sorrow.
  • XIV:
    Dignified: harmony, mental equilibrium, the middle path, improvement, union, rejuvenation, patience, coordination, carelessness, indecision.
  • XV:
    The Devil
    Dignified: victory of materialism, black magic, occult powers, dependence, slavery, passion, egoism, perversion, wrong proportions, overcoming of own fears, perception of the inner demon.
  • XVI:
    The Tower
    Dignified: forced change, breakdown, ruin, fight, catastrophe, destruction, breaking up of constricting convictions, arrogance, intolerance, disappointment, chance for a new start, liberation, enthusiasm.
  • XVII:
    The Star
    Dignified: beauty, inspiration, hope, brilliance, clarity, to give and take, unconventional, dreams, fantasies, resignation.
  • XVIII:
    The Moon
    Dignified: the unconscious, hidden mental power, to forget oneself, salvation, mercy, great love, darkness, secret, drunkenness, hysteria.
  • XIX:
    The Sun
    Dignified: light, openness, completion, warmth, favorable relationship, satisfaction, energy, idealism, devotion, passion, home country, harmlessness, lack of criticism, arrogance.
  • XX:
    Dignified: breakthrough, transformation, waking up the latent powers, forgiveness, disillusionment, stuck to the old path, settlement.
  • XXI:
    The World
    Dignified: synthesis of the elements; the cosmic dance, unity, success, understanding, perfect application of what was previously learnt, forgetting the center, fear of devotion, restricted views, inertia, selfishness, lack of commitment.
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